I’m glad you found me.   

You and your partner may have been struggling to find your way together through some challenges. It may be hard to face the fact that it has come to this, that you need some help. Somehow you always found a way through things like this in the past. You may be wondering if you should stay together. I can help you figure out your next steps.

It is possible that some of the difficulty stems from the arrival of a child. Adapting to becoming a family tests the strongest relationships. Motherhood may not be quite what you had imagined it to be. You may be yearning to feel like your old self, and questioning why you do not, amidst all your new care-taking responsibilities.

Maybe things have progressed further down the pathway towards separation or divorce. There’s a never ending list of things that you never thought you would need to consider, or need to do, and you may be feeling overwhelmed when you can even think about it.

Possibly you and your partner are looking for some help developing a Parenting Plan. Or maybe you’ve already done all the paperwork and it was supposed to be easier now - if it weren’t for your Ex. You still have to deal with them as your co-parent. And it’s not working.

I am a mental health professional who specializes in working with adults who are experiencing challenges in their relationships, separation from a committed partner, difficulties in co-parenting following a divorce, or adjusting to motherhood in the postpartum.

I can help you over the bridge to the other side. 

divorce Counseling

When you are anticipating a divorce or are already in the midst of a family court matter, I can support you emotionally through this difficult time.

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Co-Parenting Counseling

When you are needing help with a Parenting Plan or ongoing assistance working things out with your co-parent, I work with both of you to find a way.

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couples counseling

When you are facing challenges and feel uncertain how to address this, or if you even want to try, I can help you through discernment and couples counseling.

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postpartum support

When you struggling with the difference between your expectations of motherhood and the reality, and feeling anxious or sad about this, I can help.

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